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The winners of Mini Seedcamp Prague

10. 3. 2010, autor: Vaclav Stoupa

Seedcamp came to Prague for the first time this February. The schedule for the day consisted of morning startup presentations, a panel discussion after lunch, and mentoring sessions in the afternoon. Here are the winners as well as the video from the TrustYard presentation.

At the beginning of the day there were 20 startup company presentations. By the end of the day, 5 winners were chosen after 5 mentoring sessions with each startup were made. Disclaimer: My comments below are not based on deep research, but rather on the presentations and things I had known about the projects beforehand. A lot was definitely happening during the mentoring sessions which clarified the scope of the projects for the mentors as well as judges.

The winners are...

logo fxbees FXBees.com
Andre Doerk & Malte Munchert from Germany

Original description:
FxBees.com is social foreigner exchange broker for retail investors, combining social interaction and forex trading in one platform: Members can follow transactions of other members in real-time and interact through FXBees.com, while executing own trades at the same time.

My comment:
The description says it all. They also said that 80% of traders in forex are losing. I'm not very experienced in financial markets but from my point of view, I wonder why someone making good money from this game should want to make other people rich? And then, if 80% would earn money, would there be some counterproductive action from brokers or national banks? Our currency goes up and down from time to time due to gamblers (as the experts say), and it doesn't have a positive effect on our economy.

logo middlemachine Middlemachine
Filip Dobranic & David Potocnik from Slovenia

Original description:
We help people organize their lives to reach optimum ideation and execution dynamics, not unlike how Deep Fritz beats chess grand masters.

My comment:
Funny presentation with perfect English, one of the best of the day. These guys want to develop some sort of AI that would be able to organize the mess of information in your life, and make sure you would be in the right place at the right time without overburning your calories or overloading your mind.

You might think these guys are mere freaks and dreamers. There's probably some credibility though because one is a mathematician and the other is an IT guy. They are still in pre-alpha but they showed us some screenshots that look promising. I think the success of a product is highly dependent on the technology behind it. If it doesn't get you the best resolutions almost every time, you won't use it.

logo nelso Nelso
Jack DeNeut originally from USA, now living in the Czech Republic

Original description:
Nelso operates local search sites in a number of markets in Europe, in a dozen languages.

My comment:
With his experience, Jack delivered a very simple yet very powerful presentation. Nelso is powerful at least in the domain of local data. Jack has been developing it alone in Prague for two years and I think it's about time to look for business partners to make a great business shift.

logo peryskop Peryskop
Jakub Polec from Poland

Original description:
We did semantic search for products that runs on data, which comes from real users' opinions and reviews.

My comment:
Sorry guys, I can't remember your presentation because it was given when I had gotten tired of listening to too many presentations.

logo trustyard TrustYard (NejŘemeslníci in Czech)
Miloš Lenoch & Michal Dobíšek from the Czech Republic

Original description:
We connect homeowners with local builders.

My comment:
I was quite happy when the winner of WebExpo Startup Show 2009 was selected among the finalists of Mini Seedcamp Prague. It was my secret favorite. Their presentation was last and given when people were getting tired, but Milos tried to wake up the audience from the very beginning and to steal their attention until the very end. Why say anything more? See the presentation here:

Mini Seecamp Prague was a great opportunity, with other major European cities on the tour as well. Watch www.seedcamp.com.

We are going to hold our monthly regular meeting for startups in March in the Czech Republic. This edition of WebExpo Startup Meetup will be at VŠE in cooperation with BizIT (www.bizit.cz) - a student organization at VŠE trying to connect students with IT experts & biz at the university. Get the program and/or RSVP here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=10150147865000393.

Corrected by www.korekt.me (except of original descriptions and this line).

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