Elevate your team's skills and morale, while making your life easier.

Empower your team with the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to succeed in the ever-changing world of web development, design, UX, marketing, and broader web professionals.

Managers, team and talent leaders strive to retain the best people in the web-development, design, UX, and marketing space. Finding ways to engage and motivate your team while balancing professionalism with fun isn’t simple.

Look no further than WebExpo 2023 – it’s the must-attend conference for web professionals.

What's on offer for WebExpo attendees?

Experience & Expertise:

  • Attendees will gain insights and knowledge from top industry experts in web development, design, UX, marketing, and more!
  • With over 70 sessions covering the latest trends and technologies, this will provide in-depth knowledge for your team.
  • Benefit from 15 years of conference experience, ensuring a professional and seamless experience for all attendees.

Community & Networking:

  • Connect with other web professionals, network with industry peers, and learn with other experts in the field.
  • Build relationships and form new connections at our social events, including happy hours and networking opportunities, fostering a sense of community and engagement within your team.

Simplify Planning:

  • Our externally managed event means your team members can focus on the content and attend with zero-hassle of planning.
  • Take advantage of the professional development opportunities our conference offers, expanding your team’s skill set and enhancing their value to your company.

There’s a lot going on, with 3 big stages running concurrently, as well as roundtable discussions, mentor hours and free workshops included in the ticket. We’re flying in top speakers from around the world, and this is a great chance to mix with the best.

Need some more convincing?

When it comes to the benefits, there’s gains to be made on both side for the employer and employee. Look after people that look after your business.


By investing in your team’s professional development and offering engaging opportunities, you can help reduce turnover and retain top talent.


Networking and building relationships with peers can lead to new opportunities and partnerships for your company.


Offer your team a valuable professional development opportunity that enhances their skills and expertise, making them more valuable to your company.


Our conference strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and fun, ensuring that your team members feel motivated, engaged, and rewarded.

Home in
Beautiful Prague

If you’re local, great; we’re already in your neighbourhood. If you’re abroad, awesome! Prague is a wonderful place to visit and your team will love the experience.

WebExpo is the perfect opportunity to address these common opportunities, providing a professional-yet-fun conference that engages, motivates, and enhances the value of your web-development, design, UX, and marketing teams.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to invest in your team’s professional development and retain top talent within your company. Register your team for WebExpo today and experience the benefits of this conference for yourself!

Are you are you ready to take a task from your to-do's?

If you think your team would fit-in with the WebExpo crowd, we're pretty sure they will too.

Tickets on sale now, or for bulk orders, get in touch.

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