How to design meaningful things

Tereza Kosnarová Tereza Kosnarová cz Head of Research & Design at Proof & Reason


Tereza will tell you how they started with Customer Journey & Experience Mapping in Proof & Reason despite the typical project constraints you know well yourselves (cost – scope – time). In the end she will share a list of necessary changes you need to make in your design process to start using empathy, and to make smarter design decisions.

Tereza Kosnarová

Tereza Kosnarová

Head of Research & Design Proof & Reason

Tereza Venerová currently leads a team of analysts and designers at the digital agency Proof & Reason. Their main focus is research, user testing, and designing user-friendly interfaces for web applications, information systems, and commercially successful websites. Tereza has acted as a professional jury member in the competition WebTop100, lectured at Czech universities and conferences, and is actively involved in helping to develop the Czech design community. 

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