How to Storyboard Product Ideas

Kevin Cheng Kevin Cheng us Design and Product Executive at kevnull


Storyboards capture an experience in a visual way. They communicate complex ideas in succinct, understandable ways—whether for planning a feature film or the user experience of an application.

Kevin Cheng uses comics to make storyboards more understandable. And he even wrote a book about it for Rosenfeld Media; it’s entitled See What I Mean.

In this presentation, Kevin talks about how organizations like AirBnB, Google, eBay, and the U.S. Postal Service have opted for comics (instead of lengthy reports or requirements docs) to tell the stories of their users and their products.

You don’t need illustrator skills to do it, either. Kevin will explain why storyboards are a "trojan horse" of information, how to sell the method to your organization, what scenarios are appropriate for storyboards, and why you don't need illustration skills to do it.

Kevin Cheng

Kevin Cheng

Design and Product Executive kevnull

Kevin is the author of "See What I Mean: How to Communicate Ideas with Comics". He was the CEO and co-founder of Incredible Labs, the company behind a mobile personal assistant named Donna which was acquired by Yahoo. Previously, he was a product manager at Twitter, leading the redesign of the website; the director of user experience at the gaming social network Raptr; and the designer of Yahoo! Pipes. He also co-founded the user experience web comic OK/Cancel.

He holds a master’s degree from University College London in human computer interaction and ergonomics, and has presented about design, comics, and augmented reality at numerous conferences including Interaction, IA Summit, User Interface Conference, UXWeek, and South by Southwest. His workshop on using comics has been utilized by companies such as Adobe, McAfee, eBay, and Yahoo.

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