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Building chatbots is like building houses. You start with fundamentals.

SAT 21.9.
15:50 - 16:50
Lucerna Music Bar

You have probably heard about chatbots by now. They are currently one of the most talked-about topics in Tech-Biz. You might be thinking about creating and setting up a chatbot or buy one from dozens of chatbot-companies, but you are not sure how to go about it? Viktor will guide you how to enter this world smoothly and will show you the most common use cases, some numbers and case-studies. And also areas, where chatbot won’t work at the current level of technology. Finally, together with Viktor, you will try to build a chatbot on the spot, just to see the difficulties every bot-builder has to face.

Viktor Kustein

Twitter Linkedin

Product Manager @ Feedyou

Viktor started his career as a business consultant and after 10 years he set forth on the path of HR. He formed a department at Rockaway Capital named HR 2.0. It was focused mainly on technology and building communities that tie the Rockaway group’s whole portfolio together. After 3 years leading corporate HR Viktor moved to Feedyou to boost their Chatbot Product and to incorporate his experience into technology.