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Design and Development Considerations for Dual-Screen Devices

TUE 21.9.
16:00 - 16:40
Lucerna Great Hall
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Dual-screen/foldable devices are starting to emerge on the market, offering new and interesting opportunities as well as challenges for web designers and web and app developers.

Developers targeting foldable devices want to be able to effectively layout content in a window that spans multiple displays but the web platform currently doesn't offer the native primitives needed for building these layouts. However, there are proposals being set forth for the web platform to provide these primitives alongside existing API proposals to help build these elevated experiences.

In this talk, Stephanie will discuss:

- The current problem areas that developers are concerned about with dual and folding screen devices
- Complementary API proposals that currently exist that could be leveraged and are applicable to the problem space
- New web standards proposals focused on CSS primitives for building dual-screen layouts
- Possible scenarios that leverage dual-screen devices for an elevated and progressively enhanced user experience when it comes to a web site or progressive web app

And she will demo a few dual-screen enhanced experiences as well to get you inspired for the next evolution of designing for the web!

Stephanie Stimac

Program Manager @ Microsoft

Stephanie is a Program Manager for Developer Experiences on Microsoft Edge who comes from a background in web and user interface design as well as front-end development. She's worked on developer tooling in the browser as well as the open source project, and is currently responsible for Edge developer engagement through the Web We Want initiative. Before Microsoft, she worked in an agency crafting digital experiences for a range of large clients like Honeywell, Microsoft Military Affairs, Microsoft Windows and T-Mobile. She has a passion for the open web and helping to drive the future of it forward.


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