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Noelle Silver

Noelle Silver


AI Leadership Institute


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17:00 - 17:40
Lucerna Great Hall

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Responsible Applied AI at Scale #Frontendisti

Do you know that 90% of AI projects fail? In this session, we will look at how to use AI to augment human ingenuity, reduce friction for customers, and do it with transparency, fairness, and robustness in mind. It's never been easier to use AI in a project, now we need to use it responsibly in projects built to scale. We will take a tour through the world's most interesting Applied AI APIs, and some jaw-dropping use cases. You will leave knowing not only how to supercharge your applications with Applied AI, but also how to do so responsibly.

Noelle Silver

Noelle Silver is a multi-award-winning technologist and entrepreneur who specializes in helping companies with emerging technology, cloud, AI and Web 3.0. She has led teams at NPR, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon Alexa, and is a consistent champion for public understanding of the ethical use of AI and tech fluency based on her work build some of the largest AI Models in the world). She is the founder of AI Leadership Institute and is an AI Executive at IBM. She teaches women and people of color how to use the power of technology and influence to achieve success in business and in life. She was recently awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Artificial Intelligence as well as VentureBeat’s Women in AI Responsibility and Ethics award.


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