Building Beautiful Web Apps: User experience and visual design best practices for PWAs

Presented by:
Stephanie Stimac

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Talk details:

Progressive web apps (PWAs) offer the ability to create an application across multiple platforms with a single codebase that combines the best of the web platform and native capabilities. This talk will look at best practices for designing PWAs to create seamless and beautiful user experiences that translate from the web to desktop and mobile applications. Stephanie will also show you how to leverage native and web features to make your PWA feel even more performant and create an experience that leaves your users delighted.

My program: clientside
April 19, 2023 4:00 pm
Session duration:
40 minutes
Lucerna Great Hall

About your presenter:

Stephanie Stimac profile image
Stephanie Stimac
Senior Product Manager @Rapid

Stephanie is a developer experiences product manager with a background in design and development. She is currently a senior product manager at Rapid, where she builds developer tools, and the author “Design for Developers.” Previously, Stephanie worked on the Microsoft Edge team for six years designing DevTools, shipping browser features, and leading DevRel. Her experience has given her a deep understanding of developers, their pain points, and the intersection of design and development.

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