Code quality metrics: how to make sure your code is good

Presented by:
Valentina Pakhomova

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Talk details:

As a developer, you most likely write a lot of code. But how can you be sure that the code you write is actually good? Join the talk to find out what code quality metrics are, how they can be used to measure the quality of your code, and why they are so important. Valentina will discuss how Wrike collects and views these metrics. Additionally, she’ll dive into how Wrike uses these metrics and ensures that code quality does not reduce over time.

Session duration:
40 minutes
April 19, 2023 2:00 pm
Marble Hall

About your presenter:

Valentina Pakhomova profile image
Valentina Pakhomova
Frontend Developer @Wrike

Valentina is a front-end developer at Wrike. As a part of an internal team, she deals with a wide variety of tasks — from writing scripts and developing plugins to refactoring routing and improving product performance. Of all areas, Valentina is most passionate about DevExp and constantly tries to find ways to make the lives of other developers easier.

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