Fears and doubts we struggle to talk about in digital product environments

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Alexandra Miertušová

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All of us working in a digital product organisation want to know our work matters. We crave recognition and appreciation. And in order to have that, we need to demonstrate our value as a unique part of the team. As a result, we often adjust our actions based on what we think people expect from us.

We’re asking ourselves: Are you good at accepting feedback and compromising but also knowing when to stand your ground? Are you proactive enough while still being humble? Do you wonder if you can ask for advice without looking like you can’t make your own decisions? Are you actually good enough for your job? And why do you often feel like a complete imposter in your community?

In this talk, Alex will explore all of these questions and more using insights collected from other colleagues who have shared their struggles. Expect an honest chat about the regular battles people fight daily (but often do not share), learn how to deal with them practically and get more inspired in the process.

My program: clientside
April 19, 2023 4:00 pm
Session duration:
40 minutes
Marble Hall

About your presenter:

Alexandra Miertušová profile image
Alexandra Miertušová
Product Designer @Kiwi.com

Alex is a cheerful being with the heart of an explorer. She is a product designer, currently focused on improving the life of travellers with Kiwi.com, with a background in event management and mass media. Thanks to her experience working on both enterprise and consumer products, she can see the digital world from different user perspectives. Alex is curious by nature and believes in simplicity, workshops, and an infinite learning cycle. When not designing, you can find her at the centre of some educational or community event, dreaming about Christmas.

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