Fly like a (robotic) bird – bioinspired

Presented by:
Matěj Karásek

Talk focus:


Talk details:

Do you like robots, drones, and bioinspiration? In this talk, Matěj will present (and demonstrate!) animal inspired robots that fly by flapping their wings — also known as Flapper Drones. You will learn about animal flight, the inner workings of these novel robots, and how they are controlled, as well as their advantages compared to conventional drones with propellers. He’ll also cover future use cases in research, entertainment, and beyond.

Session duration:
20 minutes
April 20, 2023 12:00 pm
Marble Hall

About your presenter:

Matěj Karásek profile image
Matěj Karásek
Director & Developer @Flapper Drones

Matěj Karásek is a Czech-based scientist and inventor. He spent ten years in academia at ULB (Belgium) and TU Delft (Netherlands), researching animal flight and developing bioinspired flying robots. In 2019, he founded Flapper Drones, a startup company producing bird- and insect-like robots used as development platforms in research and entertainment applications. Matěj Karásek holds an MSc in mechanical engineering (CTU in Prague) and Ph.D. in engineering sciences (ULB Brussels).

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