Supercharge your skills with creative coding

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Jhey Tompkins

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The Web platform is an incredible thing that is available to everyone. You’re able to create pretty much anything you want (within reason) just by opening a browser.

In a sea of gradient text and three box layouts, express yourself! There’s always space for whimsy. When we let our ideas fuel us, we can explore and innovate together. Creative coding brings with it so many benefits. But the main one? The confidence to solve whatever is laid in front of you.

In this talk, Jhey will show you how to stop dwelling on the “Why?” and worry less about the “How?”, so you can focus on the exciting part — the “What”.

My program: clientside
April 19, 2023 5:00 pm
Session duration:
40 minutes
Lucerna Great Hall

About your presenter:

Jhey Tompkins profile image
Jhey Tompkins

Jhey brings ideas to life with code! Branded as a whimsical specialist, he shows people how to level up using creative coding on the Web platform via the "Impractically practical". He advocates for creative coding, giving you the confidence to build anything you can imagine. He's worked with and for some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Google, Nike, Uber, Monzo, and Eurostar.

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