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P. Brodilová: 6 tips for online video (25 min.)

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76% of Czech internet population visits YouTube every month. In June 2010 1.82 million users visited The Pope, the Queen of England, Brazil and even an orange have their own video channel.

More and more brands and companies are well aware of the fact that online video is an excellent tool for transferring information and emotions. Be inspired by examples from all over the world and try to think about how you can use it for yourself.

There isn't only one correct strategy for successful videos but there are a few rules to follow. Come, listen and think about your new video strategy. Or shoot one right now.

Petra Brodilová (CZ)

Account Strategist at Google

Petra has been charmed by Internet advertising since her class at the university when David Spinar showed her for the first time how to pay for clicks at Google. In 2006, she joined H1.cs and since she’s been faithful to the Internet. Petra experienced Google culture at its source in European central in Dublin and found out that Google is in fact cool. In January 2010 she signed up for full Google experience as an Account Strategist in Prague and now she's leading clients in their campaigns in Technology, Finance and FMCG sector. Petra is a prolific blogger, who wrote expert articles on PPC advertising at her personal blog
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