Conference Program


Design Hall
Development Hall
SIC Congress Hall
Business Room
Circle Hall
Agile Room
Lecture Room EII
PHP Room
Lecture Room EIII

Opening at 9:00.

Pick up your badge and have a chat at fine breakfast.

9:30 Opening Keynote (Aula)

Václav Stoupa, WebExpo
prof. Ing. Jan Hron, DrSc., dr.h.c., děkan PEF ČZU
Laurence Moroney, Web Development Strategist, Microsoft

10:00 – 11:30

Eva-Lotta Lamm

Visual Note Taking / Sketchnotes

en › cs

sketching, visual thinking

From 11:00

Petr Douša

Agile UX Ignite

cs › en

agile, design, ux,

From 11:15

Peter-Paul Koch

Fronteers: the first three years

en › cs

organization, front-end developers, ignite

Karel Minařík

CouchDB — Database for the Web

cs › en

couchdb, databases, nosql, web, http

Jiri Koutny

5 SEO tools that will boost your website

cs › en

seo, sem, linkbuilding, marketing, tools, google, seznam

From 10:25

Petra Brodilová

6 tips for online video

cs › en

video, youtube, online video, content, internet advertising, stream

From 10:50

David Hussman

Products and People over Process and Dogma


agile, agility, product, product owner, coaching, scrum, lean start up

Jaroslav Bauml
Pavel Campr

Symfony - modern technology in practice


php, symfony 1.4, profiling, optimization, caching, xhprof, apc, cool

From 10:45

Robert Lemke

Creating Clean Code with Aspect-Oriented Programming


framework, php, flow3, typo3, design pattern

11:45 – 13:00

Lukáš Plíhal

Everybody can be creative

cs › en

big ideas, creativity, mind-set, passion, positive thinking, vision

From 12:15

From 12:20

Lukáš Hurych

Preparing Cappuccino in 30 minutes

cs › en

javascript, framework, application, web, cappuccino, objective-j

Maria Diaconu
Alex Bolboaca

Software Development = Learning


agile, lean, tdd, learning, performance

From 12:20

Martin Hujer

PHP in Windows Azure cloud


php, azure, cloud, trend, future, web

13:00 – 14:30


(Visit exhibitions of the conference partners in the foyer of each building.)

13:00 - 15:00

WebExpo Job Hall

Take an unique chance to find a top-class job or start to cooperate on projects of well-known web agencies.

Exhibiting Companies
Media Factory FG Forrest two bits Web Design Factory Internet Info Symbio Glogster Skype Mather w3w Sourcefabric
Are you a keen web agency looking for new workmates? Apply for participation in the show at

14:30 – 16:00

Tom Krcha
Petr Pecháček

Adobe rocks! Flash & HTML5

cs › en

html5, flash, adobe, tools, android, augmented reality, multitouch, mobile, video

Michal Till

Mobile HTML5 apps with Sencha Touch

cs › en

mobile, ext, iphone, android, html5

From 15:00

Peter-Paul Koch

The Touch Events

en › cs

mobile, touch, javascript

Jiří Brázda

Analytics + optimization = data-driven website

cs › en

web, design, analytics, optimization, customer, business performance

From 15:15

Derick Rethans

Debugging with Xdebug


php, xdebug, debugging

From 15:15

Filip Šubr

Test Driven Development in PHP


php, tdd, code coverage, start

16:15 – 17:30

Václav Vančura

Preparing Data for Performance-Critical Apps in Flash (and HTML)

cs › en

flash, tools, framwork, workflow, optimization, media

From 16:55

Jakub Krč

Typography in electronic media

cs › en

typography, design,

Tomáš Prášek
Yeo Myoung CHA

Get Wired or Fired: Building Culture with Tools You Can't Touch

en › cs

culture management, festivals, databases, organization, online registration, time management

From 16:55

George Tziralis
Miro Solanka

Seed Capital in Practice — A Guide for You to Start-up

en › cs

start-up, seed, vc, investment, best practices, tips, team, product, competition, goals

Luboš Král

Agile acceptance and implementation by East and Western mindsets


agile, experience, outsourcing, offshore, development team, implementation, life critical, mission critical, healthcare, automotive, telecommunication

From 16:50

Michal Špaček

Why not ORM


php, orm, postgresql, transactions, dba, macgyver

17:45 – 19:00

Adam Gebrian

Cliché Breaking

cs › en

design, cliche, best practices,

From 18:15

David Grudl

Nette Framework 1.0: Meet The Next Big Thing

cs › en

php framework ajax doctrine netbeans html5 javascript

From 19:00


Digit No. 53

cs › en
  • Petr Mára
  • Jan Březina
  • David Grudl

video, it, fun,


Working with a web agency. How to avoid a dream becoming a nightmare

cs › en
  • Robert Řeřicha
  • Marek Vích
  • Záviš Pexidr
  • Pavel Kotyza
  • Milan Doruf

contract, communication, project management, price, deadline, quality, win-win

From 18:30

Petr Benda
Zdeněk Havlíček
Martin Pelikán
Václav Lohr

The best of FEM

cs › en

university, fem, faculty, informatics, students, collaboration, systems, educational


Agile from the management position

  • Jan Bezdíček
  • Zuzana Šochová
  • Pavel Šuk
  • Martin Rýzl
  • Vlastimil Pečínka

19:15 – 24:00

Networking Dinner

Have a direct conversation with speakers, guests, partners and other WebExpo attendees. Share, listen, learn and boost your business while enjoying premium food on the Friday evening.

Venue: Technical pavilion (Circle) at the conference area.

Enjoy outstanding gourmet experience brought to you by – wine, liquors and delicatessen supplier.

Buy the ticket by checking the dinner option in the conference registration form.