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D. Hussman: Products and People over Process and Dogma (90 min.)

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The time has come to once again to shift our focus away from process to products and people. Ten years into the agile movement, the original ideals around lightweight process are gaining weight and calcifying in dangerous ways. More and more people spend time talking about “doing agile” instead of simply using agile methods to their advantage.

Where meaningful and lasting agility thrives, agile practices are powerful tools, but they are not the focus of daily discussion. Is companies where rich value flows, development agility augments design thinking to continually learn and discover your product context: the users, their use, and the market.

From design thinking to lean start-ups to the value of simple checklists, David Hussman challenges you to stop focusing on improving your process and start focusing on improving your product, or “that thing you produce”. Come ready to think, question and rethink your use of agile practices.

David Hussman (US)

Owner at DevJam

David teaches and coaches product discovery through iterative delivery. He has spent the last 10 years coaching agility and producing products for companies of all sizes around the world.

For each engagement, David's coaching is non-dogmatic, well-grounded, challenging and pragmatic. By focusing on really getting to know a project community, David seeds self-discovery and avoids falling into the expert trap of simply telling people what they “should do".

David spends most of his time pairing around code and tests, creating product ideas and roadmaps, and helping leadership teams pragmatically introduce the type of agility that fosters innovation and creates a competitive edge.

David owns and guides DevJam (, a composition of mentors who blend technology, people, and processes to create better products in competitive cycles.

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