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T. Hajzler: Build a career! vs. Do what you love! - Four Lessons I learned from Life (40 min.)

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"One day you're gonna die. It's up to you what you will do with the life", my grandma taught me.

"You'd better build a career! But my house, my rules!" I learned from my parents.

"Be yourself! Have fun!", my daughter Valerie kept reminding every day.

"Do what you love and everything else will follow (cash & happiness for sure)." was the main thing I learned through peoplecomm - the company I founded.

Four lessons that came into one I wish to share with you.

Tomáš Hajzler (CZ)

Revivalist at PeopleComm

Tomas Hajzler (*05/71) - Until the age of thirty I tried to “build a career”. First I went to numerous schools, first in Belarus, then in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Holland and finally the USA. Earned some impressive degrees :-).

Then I tried to climb a corporate hierarchy at Sara Lee, Rieber & Søn and GE. Until one morning (2001) I went to a doctor. After series of tests they diagnosed me with a Burn out Syndrome and suggested I do some radical changes in my life. So I did.

Since then I have been researching the world of work trying to find out why we try to build a career instead of just doing what we love. As a recovered workaholic who lived under both dictatorships as well as democracy I am particularly attracted to an idea of Freedom at work. I lead seminars, write several blogs and teach at universities.

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