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T. Prášek, Y. CHA: Get Wired or Fired: Building Culture with Tools You Can't Touch (40 min.)

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Ten years ago, the film industry raved about the global emergence of film festivals as the alternative to commercial film distribution. While the so-called independent films were vanishing from the "cinema next to you", the fact that a film festival became a valid business model to bring together people with shared interests made it possible for many to get new, fresh cinematic experiences.

Today, it is acknowledged that the proliferation of film festivals got out of hand, their sheer number has confused the presumption that they are a domain exclusively for original and authentic films, and they compete for dates, for space, for money, for content.

But artistic considerations aside: what do you do when you stood at the forefront of the festivals' experimentation with information technology, then spent a decade helping them transform from spontaneously (and often chaotically) run events into well-managed organisations, and then became aware of web technology just as the financial crisis began looming?

Our answer was to create Eventival, a company setting a standard in its field even before its first product is finished.

Tomáš Prášek (CZ)

Co-Founder & CEO at Eventival

Student of law and member of the student movement in 1989, gave up becoming a rock singer by leaving for Amsterdam to study cultural anthropology before moving to Bangkok to teach English. Translated two books, co-founded the music festival EuroConnections, programmed films for the Prague International Film Festival.

From 1997 to 2001, created and ran Hospitality department at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. In 2000, postponed a life-long plan to struggle as a writer in favour of launching an outfit that, for the next eight years, provided management software to festivals around the world, becoming the most successful project of its kind.

In 2008, drawing upon the accomplishments of its predecessor and eager to overcome its limitations, co-founded Eventival which is quickly establishing itself on the international festival scene as the most promising tool for cultural event management.

Yeo Myoung CHA (00)

Co-Founder at Eventival s.r.o.

After completing her studies in psychology and mass communication and spending two years at the Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea, Dawna moved to Prague to pursue film studies at FAMU. When MOFFOM, the international festival of music films, was founded in Prague in 2004, she became its Manager and Programmer, and remained in the position until 2007. In 2008, Dawna co-founded Eventival and designed its core product, the event management software Eventival 2.0. Dawna is Korean and lives between Prague, France and South Korea. She has recently received an MBA degree at INSEAD, the prestigious international business school based in Fontainebleau, France.

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