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P. Kuchař: ISDOC the Open Format for Exchanging the Invoices (75 min.)

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ISDOC (Document Information System) is the Electronic invoicing format, which was defined by the "Electronic Data Exchange Standards Working Group" of ICT Union.

October 16, 2008, the "Declaration of a common approach regarding electronic invoicing" in the CR was signed. It express the commitment of economic and ERP systems producers (signed by a total of 14 major companies in the market) to build a common invoicing format and one year after publication to implement it to their commercial solutions. Other signatories were representatives of the State, Finance Minister Mr. Miroslav Kalousek and Deputy of Ministry of Interior Mr.Zdeněk Zajíček.

Manufacturers of economic and corporate systems already use a standardized form of exports of electronic invoicing messages. It enabled possibilty to the corporates, government ofices and small businesses to communicate with each other. Format was launched March 19, 2009.

Petr Kuchař (CZ)

Board member, co-owner at ABRA Software, United Software, ICT Union

1991 ČVUT-FEL Prague, co-founder of ABRA Software, co-author or team-leader of several series software ABRA, today Strategic business development in ABRA Software and board member of United Software.

Board member of ICT Union (formerly known as a SPIS), propagator of Electronic Invoicing in the Czech Republic and author of the idea of open invoicing format ISDOC.

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