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P. Tůma: mojeID - Single sign-on for web services (20 min.)

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authentication, single sign-on, openid, web services, user experience

Why as the end users we have to spend time with account registration for every new web service we want to use? Why we have to fill in the same personal data during every account registration? Why we have to remember and use loads of username/password combinations, because each service has different rules and policies?

mojeID is a brand new service allowing usage of a single username/password combination with more web services. Let's dig into the benefits for service providers, differences from the alternatives and unique features.

Pavel Tůma (CZ)

Director of marketing and communications at CZ.NIC

Pavel studied Information Management at the University of Economics in Prague. During his studies he worked at various IT positions.

During 2002 - 2005 Pavel worked as a Product manager in T-Mobile Czech Republic, where he was responsible for business messaging product line. He has been working for the CZ.NIC association since 2005.

At present Pavel is responsible for marketing activities of the association, he is also devoted to the awareness of Internet technologies and domains.

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