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A. Javůrek, T. Bella: Paying for online news and services (50 min.)

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media, newspaper, paid content

Hundreds of publishers and online service providers have tried to switch from free to freemium/paid models and failed. Is there any hope for print media on the web if they are not able to support quality journalism only by the advertisement?

We will explain why we think most of the media get it wrong and how the cooperation of major media companies in Central Europe will radically change the internet as we know it in 2011.

Adam Javůrek (CZ)

Prophet at NextBig

Tomáš Bella (SK)

Consultant at NextBig

Web-projects author, the new media expert.

He was working in the slovak journal SME as reporter, editor, editor-in-chief of and the deputy director at Today he is the co-owner of consultant firm NextBig, and contemporary he mainly works on the project of czech and slovak online premium content access.

Furthermore, he gives lectures in on-line media at the Faculty of Mass Media of the Pan European University in Bratislava.

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