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B. Gloger: Scrum for Executives - Six Secrets for Success with Scrum (45 min.)

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Scrum is a management framework not just for small teams, but also for LARGE projects, departments and even entire companies. Case Studies will show different possibilities for utilizing Scrum in your business.

This talk will answer your questions about how you will benefit from implementing Scrum in your company. Measurements from the field will show you how Scrum will improve your productivity and the quality of your products, as well as motivate your people.

This talk is based on our work with large clients in Germany, Austria and Brasil.

Boris Gloger (DE)

CEO at bor!sgloger

Boris Gloger is a worldwide, leading expert in the field of Scrum and author of the bestseller "Scrum: Produkte sicher und zuverläßig entwickeln", published by Hanser-Verlag.

Boris Gloger is the Executive Director of bor!sgloger consulting Gmbh, Baden-Baden and of bor!sgloger training KG, Vienna. Both companies help customers to successfully implement Scrum

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