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D. Špinar: Search Engine Marketng in 2010 (40 min.)

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Forget all you have read about the SEO and the PPC marketing years ago. It's 2010 now and these fields have moved on. In order to ensure the maximal search engine visibility of your web and the success of your business you have to move on too.

Let's take a look at the most recent trends and news that make the SEO and the PPC an incredibly creative and complex set of operations. We'll focus on the link-building, that really works, the Google advertising, that's minting the money, and the SEO means, that your competitors are not familiar with.

Who isn't keeping up and isn't inovating, loses the race.

David Špinar (CZ)

Director at H1CZ

David Špinar is the director of the consulting company

He's involved with internet marketing and internet enterpreneurship for years. He set up his professional career in the company Internet Info as a project manager. In 2003 he founded a consulting centre Dobrý web. Since 2005 he is the director of, the leader in the internet marketing consultancy, the Google Adwords Qualified Company, and he's certified Google Analytics Authorised Consultant.

David Špinar is highly respected specialist in the field of the web accessibility, as well. He is the author of the book "Tvoříme přístupné webové stránky" and also co-author of Czech web accessibity guidelines.

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