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C. Höschl, P. Jenček: MotionMap - Understand Dynamics of Your Site (45 min.)

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sociomap, visitors' movement, goal, funnel, visitors' segmentation

You may obtain many statistical analyses about your website's visitors from different sources, but only few of them provides you with an useful overview of your website visitors. MotionMap is a new technology based on Sociomapping(R) which visualizes visitors' flow through pages of your website. Such overview reveals hidden proximities among your webpages.

MotionMap helps you to determine most commonly used ways to goal (funnels), segmentation of your website visitors and much more.

Cyril Höschl (CZ)

Software Developer at QED GROUP

He works as a software architect for Qed Group a.s. company.

He is an author of Sociomapping(R) software that visualizes interaction among group of people. He is also author of software Team Profile Analyzer(R) that visualizes similarity among people based on their psychological profiles.

Petr Jenček (CZ)

Web Solution Specialist at QED GROUP

Petr started working in IT business in 2000. He has alternated many positions like developer, IT support manager, CTO etc.

Nowadays, as a Web Solution Specialist in Qed Group, his main concern is usage of Sociomapping(R) in web-related projects.

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