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M. Lenoch: Startup in Year 1: Myths and reality from 2009 Startup Show winner (45 min.)

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Do you plan your very own startup? Or you're just interested in startups?

Come to hear about, the last year's Web Expo Startup Show winner, and its one year of practical experiences.

The project's co-founder, Miloš Lenoch, will share his business and technical remarks that may be useful for you as well, he will also mention the myths he believed in and that got busted, and he will try ti inspire you, too, to run your startups as well.

Miloš Lenoch (CZ)

Founder at TrustYard

Miloš Lenoch is a co-founder of (TrustYard), a local marketplace connecting customers with trusted tradesmen based on their reputation built via customer reviews.

Prior to TrustYard, Milos served as a director of Czech branch of Wall Street Systems, leading a team of 20, providing risk management software to Fortune 500 clients including General Electric, Daimler or ECB.

In his spare time, he likes to ride his bike to get ready for his 8th Kral Sumavy race (105 km MTB, 250km road).

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