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D. Franc: Wikinomics (45 min.)

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peer collaboration, business networks, user communities

Wikinomics is more than just wiki principles. It's more than social marketing and it's not about the online communities only. Wikinomics is a new value creating model in "post-dot-com" world, based on the principles of openness, peering, sharing and global deals and is supported by new technologies and new media. It's successfully applied in academic, business and media world.

We'll take a look on how you can use these principles at your company in:

  • involving your people to create company values, innovation and knowledge
  • creating the enterpreneur networks and business websites
  • establishing the user communities and platforms
  • inner company organisation

Daniel Franc (CZ)

Trainer at Unisona Studio

Daniel Franc is the founder of Unisona Studio, a consulting company focused on supporting networked collaboration and electronic communication in business and schools. He has been connecting people and technologies for his entire life, either as a founder and CTO of an e-learning company WebStudy Inc., which serves tens of thousands of students in the USA, or as an orchestrator of online communities such as the Google User Group, or as a trainer of managers and leaders of global companies. He's the translator of the Czech edition of Wikinomics (to be pubslished in October, 2010) and co-author of books on experiential learning.

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