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Thursday 20. 9. 18:30

Fusion Warm Up-Party

Let’s get together before the conference

To kickoff this year’s conference we have found just the brilliant place to do it: a bank by the famous architect Gočár. It was refurbished in an unprecedented style à la Barcelona! The main decoration is a rotating bar positioned under a glass dome that is one of a kind in the European region! Don’t worry about crapping yourself when you see it, there will be 3 washing machines and a dryer – courtesy of Miele and that’s totally worth it!




WE ARE LEEMON, we’d like to chat about design, web, marketing, women and also what’s up in life. Come the Warm-Up party, join us for a drink.


GoodBeer, GoodPeople and GoodTimes – Join GoodData at the WebExpo Warm-Up Party!