Let’s have a party tonight

Enjoy 3 great parties we've prepared for you

You need to register for each party as there is limited capacity

Friday 21. 9. 18:45

Seznam.cz buffet

Let’s enjoy good food and networking with speakers

For this year’s event we have set two goals: uninterrupted networking and even better food. Therefore, we have cooperated with the well-known Kluci v akci and prepared finger food being served by waiters: no more waiting in lines and a great appetizer!

The event is free for the first time ever! First-come, first-served, and in this case, first enjoyed! We’ll be letting in through the waiting list from 19:15.

The event is sponsored by

One can’t make a good website without good food. So we wish you bon appetit and many ideas in your next e-life.
Yours, Seznam.cz.

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