Ekosystem. That's how web is made!

“You don't want a Tool, you want a Ecosystem! One is Ruby on Rails...”

Development Hall 30 min


  • What is it about?

    Tomáš: We will demonstrate how not to create web applications with separated development means, but with a breathing ecosystem. The one like that comes with Ruby on Rails.

    You will see how to build applications with Ruby on Rails as easily as your girlfriend solves puzzle.

    And you can look forward to all the non trivial stuff - tree structures, nested forms, tags, CofeeScript, SASS and how to use the multiple template engines in a single application too!

    And the best - no programming, let the Ruby on Rails ecosystem do this all for us.

    Interested? I will only show you how-to. Then it'll be up to you to find that ecosystem, or to create it in your programming language. Or to join us..

  • What will the visitors get from it?

    Tomáš: The desire for the all-in-one ecosystem, instead of divergent tools.

    The awareness of Ruby on Rails existence and how does it look its practical implementation. If the attenders have decided to give Ruby a chance, they'll recieve a whole armoury of places to go, just to make as smooth as possible their ride on the Rails.

  • For whom it is?

    Tomáš: The talk is for all web developers who want to be aware of how to create web applications "nowadays too". Maybe a bit different than they're used to so far, but the more options I have, it's more likely I choose the right one, isn't it?

  • What do I presently work at?

    Tomáš: I am student of Software Engineering at CTU FIT.

    Currently I am working on a startup related to development of mobile websites and native apps called Juicymo together with Jana Moudrá.

  • Which of my existing achievements do I value the most?

    Tomáš: Smart people around me

  • What would I like to achieve?

    Tomáš: In my life? To create a successful startup which would save people time and money.

  • What do I look forward to at the WebExpo?

    Tomáš: People, lectures and atmosphere (in listed order ;-))

Tomáš Jukin

Co-Owner Juicymo