Integration of the cloud services in the economic system

“Experience from the integration of the cloud services in the economic system”

Development Hall 30 min


  • What is it about?

    Petr: Is it possible to account ""341 income tax"" against ""336 the social and health insurance liabilities""?
    Doesn't it make sense to you and yet you want to offer your clients the full-blown information system functions, too?

    What database system do you use? What programming language? What development enviroment or operating system? And what about the accounting system? FlexiBee is created with regards to the developers' needs while integration. Learn to utilize it's possibilities and don't waste your energy for something that has been created for you already. Deliver to you customers the functions of full-blown information system.

  • What will the visitors get from it?

    Petr: A few practical demonstrations of how to integrate applications in the "Czech basin" and what levels of integration are possible to implement.

  • For whom it is?

    Petr: Development companies that want to integrate a solution for their customers or want to implement the FlexiBee integration.

  • What do I presently work at?

    Petr: The development of the internet accounting system FlexiBee.

  • Which of my existing achievements do I value the most?

    Petr: The creation of FlexiBee on cloud with wonderful integration possibilities.

  • What would I like to achieve?

    Petr: The wide FlexiBee adaptation.

  • What do I look forward to at the WebExpo?

    Petr: To meet the people.

Petr Ferschmann

CEO FlexiBee