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Dominika Blackappl Dominika Blackappl CZ Founder & Principal Designer at BLACKAPPL

In her presentation for WebExpo in Prague in September 2015, Dominika BLACKAPPL will explain how design services have evolved since the second start-up boom of Silicon Valley.
Who is a designer in today’s technological product ecosystem? What is the difference between designer founder, designer co-founder and designer consultant?
Dominika will draw from her extensive professional experience as one of the leading Silicon Valley designers, and from personal anecdotes from working with IDEO, Apple, YCombinator.

Dominika Blackappl, Founder & Principal Designer at BLACKAPPL

Dominika BlackapplWithout a doubt, this Ústí nad Orlicí native deserves to be called the queen of Czech design - an unofficial title she's held for the last 10 years. She worked on the design of the iPhone and iPod, NASA's Mars Rover, Seimens' phones, and spent several years at the California-based design studio, Ideo. And all before the age of 30.