Previous years

For the first time, WebExpo is held in 7 different lecture halls around Prague's city center.

The main sponsoring partners of 2014 are T-Mobile and Socialbakers, and Avast as a general partner.

80 talks, 40 hours of panel discussions, and several workshops.

WebExpo welcomes 1,585 attendees.

Tickets are about 50 percent cheaper, even though the conference is larger and more complicated than previous years.

Attendees have plenty of food to eat, thanks to our amazing partners Dish, Chefparade, Sushiqueen, and DoubleShot.

Honza Sládek

A new team, headed by Honza Sládek, is in charge of organizing the conference.

The official conference language is switched to English.

1,028 attendees meet up at VŠE.

Visitors get a hands-on opportunity to try Google Glass.

Y Soft and Google are among the event's general partners.

Notable speakers include Jesse James Garrett, Ron J. Williams and Barbara Bermes.

Lifehack talks are now included in the program.

Founder Vašek Stoupa's final year as Director.

VŠE once again hosts 1,285 attendees. and Microsoft are the main sponsoring partners.

Sandra Kisic, Marek Prchal and Lukáš Plíhal report their observations from the conference.

DoubleShot serves coffee at WebExpo for the first time.

Marek Prchal

Marek Prchal gives his popular talk: "How to become famous, even if you're not good at anything."

Visitors measure their wits with Mindball.

Notable speakers include: Aaron Walter of Mailchimp, Eric Reiss, Ash Maurya and Ben Kamens.

The team organizes the first (and only) WebExpo Startup Camp.

WebExpo Academy launches.

The conference moves to VŠE and welcomes 1,100 attendees.

Google and Microsoft are among the main sponsoring partners of 2011.

Notable speakers include experts from around the world, such as John Vanhara (, Luke Wroblowski, and Rasmus Lerdof (creator of PHP).

Adam Hrubý and Jan Řezáč speak for the first time.

Marek Prchal live blogs from the conference.

WebExpo 2010 lasts 5 days: a day of workshops, followed by 2 conference days, and finally, a 2-day training for those interesting in learning Scrum. A poker tournament is also held.

Ryan Singer from 37signals gives the keynote.

Adam Gebrian, Lukáš Plíhal, and Tomáš Hajzler give memorable talks, leaving their mark on the conference.

Honza Sládek and Jirka Sekera, who go on to lead WebExpo a few years later, give their first talks.

Attendees can choose from a program of 50 talks and panel discussions.

The University of Life Sciences in Prague hosts the second year of WebExpo again, with 700 people in attendance and a program of 100 talks.

Unlike the first year, WebExpo runs for 3 days (starting on Friday) and adds workshops in the afternoons.

The main conference theme is "User Experience on the Internet".

Sun Microsystems and Microsoft are the main sponsoring partners of 2009.

Christian Heilmann from Yahoo gives the keynote.

Inspired by the international conference, Future of Web Apps, and Tim O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Summit, 450 attendees gather at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

Microsoft and Adobe lend support as main sponsoring partners.

The following Czech Internet icons give talks: David Grudl, Radek Hulán, Martin Hassman, Adam Javůrek, Štěpán Bechynský, Martin Malý, Adam Zbiejczuk, and many more.

Webexpo wins the 2008 Crystal Magnifying Glass award (Křišťálová lupa).