Designing APIs: Mastering HTTP is Just Beginning

Honza Javorek Honza Javorek CZ Software Developer at Apiary


PUT or POST? How should I design URLs? How should I version my API? How to PATCH my JSON? How to validate? I’ll try to answer questions like this, either by explaining the best practices or pointing you to couple of valuable resources. Moreover, I will try to also show you that all this is rather API craft than API design. Future brings the real challenges: use­case oriented interfaces, evolvable servers, adaptable clients. No more deprecated API versions, broken client apps and frustrated client developers!

Honza Javorek, Software Developer at Apiary

Honza JavorekFormer freelance developer and consultant, now helping Apiary with making API Blueprint the best format for describing web APIs. Passionate about API design, consistency, structured code, documentation. On top of that, Honza is Czech Python community mascot--but he not only promotes the language, he regularly also takes part in preparations of local meetups and workshops focused on Python.