Flexibility and rigidity in frontend architecture

Johnny Rodgers Johnny Rodgers CA Senior UI Developer at Slack


A discussion of the tradeoffs between use of frameworks, documentation, tests, learnability of a codebase, and velocity of development and iteration. We have a fairly unique architecture at Slack in that we don’t use many frameworks, we write mostly vanilla JS, and we have only recently begun writing tests and documentation. The tension between maintainability/reliability and speed/iteration.

Johnny Rodgers, Senior UI Developer at Slack

Johnny RodgersJohnny Rodgers is a technology designer from Vancouver, part of the awesome team that helped make Slack a reality. His responsibility is to program and address whether the speed of development or code sustainability is more important. He was previously an interactive designer for SAP and currently runs his own development and design company, Creative Creature. In his spare time, he makes Give.to, a service for fans to give financial support to the music artists they love.