Multidimensional Content Strategy: A Plan for Dodging the Oncoming Train

Noz Urbina Noz Urbina ES Content Strategist and Founder at Urbina Consulting


The conceptual model of 4D content is one that takes into account not just the length and width of a content asset, but looks at 'depth’ (related
content, social layers, 'drill down’) and 'time’ (dynamic, contextually-relevant and personalised content). It is a model to support adaptive content personalisation on any device or channel.

Our audiences are ever more adept at ignoring us on an ever growing number of channels. We are still reeling from the surge of mobile devices in all their many forms, but we can see wearable technologies and augmented reality bearing down on us like a freight train.

To respond we must rethink how we work with content at a fundamental level.

The world is four-dimensional place (length, width, depth and time), but we were raised and trained to think of content as flat, 2D deliverables.
How can we actually create and deliver content for everyone and no one at once? How can we create words and images like Lego that can be dynamically built into relevant and valuable content for the right person and the right context?

How can we do all this coherently, without the train hitting us and smashing our messages into a fragmented mess?

By changing our mindsets, and adopting a content strategy that can support today’s content initiatives. Join this session and take the first step
in the right direction.

Noz Urbina, Content Strategist and Founder at Urbina Consulting

Noz UrbinaNoz Urbina is a globally recognised content strategist, consultant, and trainer specialising in omni- and multichannel content projects for marketing and technical communication. He co-authored “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits” and, since 2000, has provided services to Fortune 500 organisations and small-to-medium enterprises. Noz has helped organisations differentiate themselves with content, while saving money. In 2013, Noz founded his own consultancy Urbina Consulting.