FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Registration - when and where?


Early birds can register at the Thursday warm-up party from 19:30 at ZOOM Unique Place.
Main registration will start on Friday 22 September from 7:30 in the Lucerna Passage.
All you need is your identification card.

Find your registration table according to the first letter of your last name. There will be 11 hostesses to help you and in addition to your conference badge, they’ll be handing out donuts from Donuter Donuts!

Arriving later in the day? Register at Infopoint 1 in the Lucerna Great Hall.

What time does WebExpo start?


All lectures will start at 10. And when we say 10, we mean it. Not a minute later.

Registration on Friday September 22 will start at 7:30. Grab breakfast and relax in the networking areas before the conference is officially opened by our director, Šárka Štrossová. She’ll be kicking things off at 9:50 in the Lucerna Great Hall.

Where will talks take place?


All lecture halls are located in the Lucerna Passage at Štěpánská 61, 116 02 Prague 1 map.

Lecture halls:

WebExpo Tip: Where’s the best place to meet up with friends? Make sure you check out networking areas.

What about coffee and food?


At Friday’s registration, you’ll get a tasty donut from the renowned Donuter Donuts and coffee from Doubleshot. On Saturday in the Lucerna Passage, we’ll be handing out salty pastries from Kabát.

You can count on WebExpo to keep you well-fed and hydrated! Water and hot drinks from Doubleshot and LMC Tea Room will be available all day. And of course, don’t forget to stop the stands in our networking area! You can try everything from Thai cuisine to homemade cakes at great prices. Team WebExpo will be preparing burritos at the Burrito Loco stand at 11:40 and 12:40.

WebExpo Tip: Want to go out to eat near Lucerna? Check out the WebExpo Foursquare map for recommendations. One of our favorites is ROOM restaurant (V Jámě 1263/6, view map). They’ll be offering a discounted menu for conference attendees both days from 11:00 to 15:00 (just show your badge).

Will there be any workshops at WebExpo?


Of course! On Saturday, there will be a hackathon sponsored by Česká spořitelna on the first balcony of the Lucerna Great Hall.

And on Sunday, Erika Hall will be teaching you how to research on any budget. Don’t miss the Research Together workshop

I’m kind of shy, how can I get involved in networking?


Don’t worry! Hang around the networking spots and keep an eye out for people with the same color badge lanyards. You’ll also find common ground at our partner stands with both exhibitors and other participants.

Or play the WebExpo Game on social media!

All you have to do is post on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #webexpo and do at least three of the following:

  1. Decorate a pancake in Games & Crepes. They’ll be plenty of nutella and whipped cream!
  2. Take a selfie with the most famous symbol in Lucerna - the upside down horse.
  3. Show off your poetic genius and write a couple of verses about WebExpo (or up to 140 characters if you’re on Twitter).
  4. Take a selfie with a fellow professional wearing the same color lanyard! Orange stands for business, pink for design, and green for development. We bet that you’ll have more to chat about than your selfie.
  5. High-five someone at one of our partner stands.

Have you completed at least 3 tasks? Stop by Info Point 1 in the Lucerna Great Hall and we’ll give you a gift from WebExpo.

WebExpo Tip: And if none of the above worked? You’ll definitely come out of your shell at one of our WebExpo parties.

Where should I go after talks are over for the day?


The night is still young! Go out for a drink with speakers and WebExpo attendees. But beware — our parties have been known to continue until the next day!

Warm-up party Facebook event
When? Thursday 21 September from 19:30h
Where? ZOOM Unique Place, May 5, 1640/65, Prague 4 - map

Birthday Party Facebook event
When? Friday 22 September from 18h
Where? La Loca MUSIC BAR, Odborů 278/4, Prague 2 - map

Warm-up party Facebook event
When? Saturday, 23 September from 18h
Where? Scout Institute, Old Town Square 4/1, Prague 1 - map

I'm not from Prague, where should I stay?


It’s easy to find accommodation for every budget in Prague - from hostels for a few crowns to luxury hotels. We recommend using Airbnb.com or Booking.com.

WebExpo Tip: Never used Airbnb before? Thanks to Pavlína, you can get up to 725 CZK your first stay!

Is there a cheap way to get around at WebExpo?


Use Liftago! You can get a 30 CZK discount on 4 rides with the promo code WEBEXPO29.

How do I do it?

  • Download the Liftago app for iPhone or Android and activate your payment card.
  • Enter your WEBEXPO29 promo code.
  • Your promo code is valid for personal trips until September 30, 2017. Happy travels!

Where can I relax?


Relax zone
Where? Lucerna Great Hall (on the same floor as the auditorium).
What’s there? Stretch out on a deck chair from our partner, Mattoni.

Thai massage
Where? Lucerna Great Hall, room number 13 (behind the stage on the middle floor).
What’s there? 15 minutes of heaving for your back and neck. Two Thai masseuses will be helping participants get rid of their stiff muscles. While you wait in line, you’ll also learn a few Thai words and fun facts about the land of pad thai.

Games & Crepes
Where? Vodičkova 36, ​​6th floor (entrance from Lucerna from Vodičkova, right next to "Lucernička flowers")
What’s there? The name says it all. Play Dobble, Jenga tower, or Dixit. You can also decorate your own pancake. Don’t forget to take a picture of it and share it with the hashtag #webexpo. (It can be your first entry in the WebExpo Game!) More about the game

Silent Zone
Where? Lucerna Great Hall (on the second balcony).
What’s there? Silence :-) You can write your emails in peace and listen to talks with one ear.

How do I get the latest news about WebExpo?


You can follow us on social media for our latest news and announcements:
Twitter: @webexpo
WebExpo Facebook
WebExpo 2017 Facebook Event
Instagram: @WebExpo

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #webexpo to your posts!

How do I share feedback about WebExpo?


In the Lucerna Great Hall, you will find the Wall of Fame and the Wall of Fail. Throughout the conference, we will be continuously reading what you like and what to improve…and if there are any mistakes, we will fix them ASAP!

Want to share your feedback and insights on social media? Add our official #webexpo hashtag to your posts so we can see what you share. We love sharing positive feedback and solving problems as quickly as possible!

You can also rate our performance in the talk details directly on our website, in our app, or in the feedback forms that we send after the conference.