Alternative Blockchain Uses: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Dominik Stroukal

Liberální institut



Bitcoin and blockchain are without any doubt important and interesting innovations. However, cryptocurrencies are not without risk. And, as it usually is, these revolutionary technologies are accompanied by scammers who try to use a good name of blockchain to rip others off. There are 1) projects without any blockchain claiming to have it, 2) projects with it but still with centralized control over issued tokens, and 3) projects with it but unnecessarily, so they just intentionally use blockchain as a marketing tool. You will see examples and learn how to recognized them.

Dominik Stroukal is a director of Liberální institut, the first Czech (and Slovak) classically liberal think-tank. He holds a Ph.D. in Economic Theories, and MA in Media Studies. He is a lecturer at the CEVRO Institute University, University of Finance and Administration and teaches economics at high schools. He wrote the first Czech book about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin: The Money of the Future.