Assumptions Prohibited

Andre Jay Meissner

Adobe Systems



Preliminary releases are commonly used for user testing and feedback. Typically, a beta contains most of the features while still being incomplete. But who defined that feature set? And to which extent did you just sign up for core concepts, that might be impossible to roll back at a later stage?
This talk provides deep insights into the user-research-driven development of Adobe XD, which is a completely re-imagined and frictionless tool for UX design, combining user flow, visual design, prototyping and testing into one app.
See how the XD team maps user engagement, rapid user validation, and iteration to an unparalleled release cadence that meets customer needs and business requirements. We’ll discuss the methodology enabling us to ship monthly, production-ready releases to our users, while learning and improving our design. You'll learn how the Adobe XD team left their own assumptions at the door and has fundamentally changed the way product is being designed and developed at Adobe.

Jay is a Metalhead working on Adobe XD. Prior to joining Adobe, he designed and developed complex web apps and human friendly enterprise workflows with his own software company. In his spare time Jay is building his own furniture. He runs and, a nonprofit helping to establish and promote Open Device Labs to ultimately help the web and user experience forward. Follow Jay on Twitter at