Building data-driven products at speed

Jan Šrůtek




You would struggle to find a popular digital product used at scale that is not driven by data generated by the users themselves. Designing data-driven products is however not a straightforward job. There is often a spectrum of wildly different usage contexts that the design needs to scale for, and the data itself is often incomplete or imprecise. Launching the perfect solution first time around is therefore often prohibitively expensive or simply not feasible at all. When building novel data-driven propositions, companies need to become comfortable with a healthy dose of experimentation and the occasional failure in order to learn their way through to a genuinely useful and usable product.  

In this talk, Jan will share a case study describing Trainline's mobile app feature driven by data crowdsourced from millions of train travellers. Jan will take an honest look at BusyBot (feature helping travellers find seats) as it went from a hackathon concept to production over many iterations. The talk will also cover how Trainline builds transport products in an agile, high-velocity development environment, pairing designers and data scientists, and how it combines qualitative and quantitative insight to inform its product design decisions. 

Jan is a digital product designer, researcher, and strategist. He's now leading design of mobile apps at a transport tech company Trainline . Over the last ten years, he worked with world’s biggest corporations and tiny start-ups. Having worked in finance, travel, energy, media, and gaming, he’s now helping progressive e-commerce brands build successful and intuitive products. You’ll find him in London or Paris, or in between on a Eurostar train.