Closure Experiences in Digital: Why we need to create better endings.

Joe Macleod



How many products have you started, launched, built a customer base for? Do you have the same passion about ending them appropriately? Does it matter?

Most experiences in life are punctuated by a closure experience - an ending. In the past these were profound; however, over generations we have distanced ourselves from meaningful endings thanks to our lifestyles increasing in comfort, the influence of the church weakening, medicine advancing and a universal distancing of death. 

Many digital services overlook the importance of a coherent ending. After pressure to sign-up, provide details and share, consumers are left exposed online through their lingering photos, comments, videos. They are denied an adequate ending. We have failed to provide an interface to off-board from endless digital consumption.

Endings matter. This talk will tell you why.

Joe Macleod’s 20-year career has spanned the leading web, telecoms and App companies, where he led teams and built a variety of successful products. Most recently as Head of Design at the award-winning digital product studio Ustwo, where he built it into a globally recognised team, working with the world’s favourite brands on the best products. He now works on the Closure Experiences project researching endings, where he talks, consults and writes about this important issue.