#COPYplayroom: A workshop for anyone who takes copywriting (a little too) seriously

Olga Pohl



Lucerna Music Bar

Talk will be in Czech and topic will be #Business

When you’re supposed to hammer engaging copy out of your keyboard, ideally within 30 minutes, it‘s tough. Because the best ideas come when we least expect them. They surprise us in the shower, without a pencil at hand. The point of this workshop is to boost your creativity while you take it easy. You won‘t run the risk of poor conversion rate, miserable reach or losing a client. Thanks to simple exercises, you will find yourself immersed in ideas. Without having to take off your clothes or putting away your pen. 

The workshop is for a small group of 20 people.

Olga is a copywriter and content consultant. She writes articles, microcopy for websites and helps brands make the most out of their content. In the creative workshop she combines her expertise in copywriting and experiential learning. When she finds a free moment, she writes poetry or goes running in the woods.