Dangerous predictions

Brendan Kearns




It's easy to find cautionary tales of organisations that bet the house on a future that never came. It's even easier to find products that have launched only to completely miss the core problem they were designed to solve. 

At a time when our tools, methods, and access to users is better than ever, how are we still making crappy design decisions? How do our assumptions and predictions stop us from designing experiences that people love, or even tolerate? 

In this talk Brendan will explore the messy and sometimes brutal process of shipping a product and how to overcome dangerous predictions about how people are likely to think, feel, and behave when using it. 

Brendan’s career in design spans government, fashion, education, finance, technology, and almost everything in-between. For almost a decade he has led projects inside companies such as InVision, Twitter, GE, Isobar, and many more. 

As the lead designer for InVision Enterprise he researches how design works inside large organisations and how new tools and methods can create a more impactful design process.

He is also an advisor to select startups and product teams in the UK and Australia.