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Jan Černý




Let us invite you to the era of data-driven decision making. DataBreakers bring you ultimate solutions for predicting, recommending and automatization based on your customer data. No matter, if you are a solo entrepreneur, a small business or a big corporation - we use artificial intelligence and cutting edge technology to grow your revenue and to reduce expenses and acquisition costs.

Jan Černý, founder of Databreakers, works with the same theoretical algorithms that he studied at ČVUT. During his time there, he explored the possibilities of using artificial intelligence (AI), and not only in predictive models. Since 2005, these theoretical models have been applied in practice at Databreakers, particularly in e-commerce and at companies with large amounts of client data. Databreakers mainly focuses on personalization, prediction, and automated work with data in social media, robustness and flexibility, but they can also be used in scientific modeling and other areas. Jan believes that if we work with data correctly, it gives us all the opportunity to achieve our full potential and use our new "data sense".