Helping people in crisis & dictatorships: New IT brings change, but the values remain

Šimon Pánek

Člověk v tísni


People in Need – humanitarian work in crises emergencies around the globe, the true development cooperation and why we should stand with human rights defenders in hard case countries and actively support them. Humanism in 21st century and how to deal with myth of direct democracy through internet and IT which produce endless ground for hate and mobilization based on hate…

Simon Panek is the co-founder and executive director of People in Need, a humanitarian organization based in the Czech Republic. People in Need provides humanitarian aid and solidarity for human rights and civil society, principally in authoritarian or conflict-ridden states and zones, including Chechnya, the Balkans, Belarus, Ukraine, and Cuba.

Pánek is a recipient of the 2002 Czech State Medal of Merit and the 2003 European of the Year Award.