How and why to solve big web accessibility

Radek Pavlíček

Teiresiás Centre



Accessibility is becoming more and more popular for operators and creators of big websites. What’s driving this? User needs and feedback? Altruism? Prepared European legislation? Or a combination of all of these? We’ll take a look at specific examples of big web accessibility (,, and others) and what you need to be careful of and what not to forget.

Radek Pavlíček is an access specialist with nearly 20 years of experience. He works at the Teiresias Center at Masaryk University and has been writing the blog POSLEPU for 10 years. Radek has been at all the important events in this field that have taken place in the Czech Republic. Accessibility is Radek’s hobby and he takes part in a lot of other activities related to this field - he consults, manages accessibility training, and (collectively) organizes, as well as actively participates, in events related to this topic.