A qualified view from the window


Jan and Honza summarize the process of a web project from request to deployment, the many complexities of web projects and, more importantly, the frequent mistakes of contractors and employers. Are you going to handle your next website with a qualified view from the window? 

Jan is a web consultant and works with people who don't have time to make mistakes. He's also the author of the first Czech book on web design, A Website as Sharp as a Razor and a true professional with hundreds of successful web projects in his portfolio. On top of that, he also trains, lectures, and has established his own online dynasty, House of Řezáč.

Honza keeps himself busy with UX, usability, increasing conversion rates, and designing, creating, and testing web applications. He works with leading companies, especially in the field of e-commerce. He advocates and promotes the idea, "Don't make users think." He thrives on user testing, during which he gets feedback and the warped views of website visitors.