How to: What developers should do to take away work from SEO specialists

Pavel Ungr



SEO consultants shouldn’t have anything to do if everyone else on the team did their jobs well. Come to this talk and we’ll bury SEO a little bit more together. I’ll show you the most common development mistakes in SEO and the benefits of correctly resolving them. You will learn what developers should do so that both clients and SEO consultants love them.

Pavel has been involved with SEO for over 10 years. Since 2004, he’s worked in agencies like Etcetera, Ataxo, and, and he’s been working as a consultant since 2009. In 2013, he became an independent freelance specialist, consulting for medium and large clients such as, Shoptet, Airbank, Alza, Bella Rose, LMC, and more. Additionally, he also regularly writes about internet marketing, training, and lecturing. He considers SEO to be an integral part of all specializations in the creation and functioning of a content-quality website, which is primarily user-friendly and technically accessible. He enjoys SEO experiments and promotes SEO as creating interesting and quality content for websites. Apart from SEO, Pavel also enjoys content marketing, social sites, and their uses from the online marketing perspective.