Accessibility in code: demo and design examples

Martin Michálek



Accessibility doesn’t need to be a pain. We’ll take a look at common mistakes that coders and designers make carelessly —or as the Czech phrase goes “cut like blind Baťa sneakers”. Martin will show you a few easy tips to help blind users of your website without the extra effort. And more importantly, he’ll discuss several design examples that have been coded correctly. For instance, do you know how to design an accessible whisperer?

Martin Michálek is a freelance front-end designer with almost 20 years of experience. He writes the blog Upwards Downwards (Vzhůru dolů), and co-founded, as well as leads, the association He mainly helps with designing and implementing web user interfaces. He has worked in recent years with clients such as VašeČoč, Svobodná Evropa, and Česká televize.