Putting the 'Story' into Storytelling

Graham McDonnell

The New York Times



Everyone loves a good story. So why does a vast amount of online digital content overlook the basic rules of effective storytelling?

As more and more brands learn the true value of content, our lives are becoming increasingly over-saturated in information. This means the competition for our attention has never been greater and getting eyes on your content is no longer good enough.

Graham will examine various ways of applying simple storytelling techniques to our online content, touching on things like design, UX, narrative, etc. and why this approach helps make sure the audience is glued until the very end.

Graham is International Creative Director for The New York Times's in-house creative agency, T Brand Studio, recently named Hottest Agency in Advertising by AdWeek and Studio of the Year by the Native Advertising Institute. As an experienced, award-winning creative with over thirteen years in the industry, I create online content, film and engaging interactive experiences for clients such as Adidas, HSBC and Moet Hennessy.