Redesigning the Czech Airline portal: How Umbraco CMS works in practice

  • Gabriel Zábušek, Chief Geek at Nurun


  • Pavla Nýdrle, Managing Director at nydrle



In August, Czech Airlines launched a new version of its website The portal was created by a team from the agency Nydrle, developers from Nurun, and Microsoft specialists. They worked on simplifying the navigation and streamlining content that had been adapted for 11 different language versions and 41 countries. It's also interesting that they chose a technical solution built on the platform Umbraco, an open source CMS, which despite all of its advantages has not been applied to websites of a similar size in the Czech Republic. We'll take a look at how they created the portal and how Umbraco works for this type of website. 

Gabriel is a software architect with over 10 years of experiences in website development and mobile applications. Over the years, he's headed up application development at NN Group, Škoda, Pernod Ricard, ERDF, and Czech Airlines. He has a deep knowledge of both low-level and high-level languages — his favourites include C, C#, Python, and Java. In addition to creating software, he's also interested in designing gadgets for IoT. 

Pavla has spent the last five years at the agency Nydrle, where she became Manager Director in 2016. Before that, she worked at the advertising agencies Fabrika, Praha Digital, and Young & Rubicam. And at one point, she also headed up the internal creative agency at the mobile operator, O2. Pavla lectures at VŠE and is also actively involved in the educational academy, DigiAKA. She regularly publishes articles in professional publications and speaks at conferences.