Rewriting the Rules of Management for the Digital World

Vladimir Vulić




Digital transformation is one of the greatest catalysts for the evolution of business. Our society is being fundamentally transformed by the impact of the internet, with rules of doing business being rewritten in one industry after another. The ever-accelerating rate of change is overwhelming the ability of the industrial economy to keep up. Economical, technological and societal forces are disrupting organizational bureaucratic hierarchy. Things are moving faster at the edges of the organization than at the top of the pyramid. Leaders today confront a world where the unprecedented change is the norm, where once-innovative companies are struggling to stay alive, and century-old business models are being rendered irrelevant overnight. The corporate world has clinged too long to a model of management which was designed for the manufacturing revolution which depended on standardisation, efficiency and control. Today’s companies have 21st-century internet-enabled business processes, which are built on top of 19th-century management principles. We are trying to run a 21st-century digital company on a printing-press era operating system. We need a revolution in management - a shift from the old command-and-control model to the new network model embracing openness, collaboration and relationship building. Sci-fi author William Gibson famous said that “the future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed”. My idea is that the future of management is already here, but it’s just not evenly distributed. Vladimir's talk explores the companies from all over the world, from the US and Brazil to India and China, which have already implemented innovative management practices. We should all study them, learn from them, and together build the future of management now.

Management, innovation, and social media consultant. Co-founder of NGO, a digital community trying to help citizens of Montenegro to understand and realise exciting new opportunities for social change and business in the digital environment. Program Director of conference. Has 12 years of experience teaching Strategic Management at the University of Montenegro. Two-time TEDx speaker. Keynote speaker in 10+ countries, from Peru to Poland. His speaking explores the intersection of technology, business strategy, leadership, innovation, and change.